e-wprost (31.08.2020) – Craft connects people

“10 years of tradition, over 2000 new products each year, 100% certainty that each customer will find something they enjoy – that’s Polish craft beer market in a nutshell. Our local brewers firmly believe that their beers are ore than just a drink: they connect people and build a sense of community.

“The smaller the glass, the better,” says Piotr Sosin, vice-president of Polish Craft Beer Association and the founder of Trzech Kumpli Brewery. “While tasting new flavours, it’s important that we give ourselves a chance to try out different beers sip by sip.”

And there is plenty to try: there is around 350 craft breweries in Poland, all adhering to the rules set out by the Association: all natural ingredients (water, malt, yeast and hops), innovation, independence (no connection to big, non-craft beer companies). Also, people really do matter in this business, it’s not just a slogan.[…]”

Source: https://premium.wprost.pl/10349270/piwa-rzemieslnicze-tajniki-produkcji-i-degustacji-trzy-najwazniejsze-festiwale-piwa-kraftowego-najnowsze-trendy-w-branzy.html