Grodziskie with a medal at CICA 2022

Good news has reached us from Mallorca. Beer in The Style od Grodziskie has won a bronze medal at CICA 2022 – International Competition of Craft Beers. The medal was awarded in the Historical, Specialty & Alternative Beer category.

This is a very prestigious recognition for us. We have been brewing Beer in The Style of Grodziskie – which is a classic approach to Grodziskie – continuously since 2018. It’s very pale in colour (Grodziskie used to be called the champagne of the north), extremely light and has a distinctive aroma of smoked malt*. Add to this a slightly sour profile, very lively carbonation and low bitterness and you get an interesting and extremely refreshing beer.

We are delighted that this unique Polish beer style is reaching kraft lovers all over the world and is appreciated by them. The CICA 2022 medal is the best confirmation of this.

 *The malt is smoked for us in a traditional hearth by the Zapanbrat Brewery. This is currently a rarity among European breweries.

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