A short conversation with Piotr Sosin about good craftsmanship – on Algorytmia radio

The algorytmia radio is a radio part of the algorytmia company, co-led by Tristan Tresar, with whom we have had the pleasure of working for 3 years.

If you are familiar with the topic of efficient achievement of results in sales and management, listen to the algorytmia radio every Friday at 3:12 and 48 seconds in the afternoon. They talk about useful things in sales and management in a pleasant and stimulating way.

They talked to Piotr Sosin about good work, the identity and quality of craftsmanship, the honesty of the producer, about the development which does not always mean the growth, and about an interesting model and commercial relationship.

Radio version of the conversation (in PL):

For those who prefer audio and video, the video version (in PL):


Source: https://www.algorytmia.com/radioalgorytmia